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Along the Camino

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We help you to make your journey more enjoyable, leisurely, safer and relaxed, notifying in advance the basic and essential services which you'll be able to find during the next few kilometres of each stage of your journey.

Activate the application's “Services” button and you'll be able to access the information as regards the essential services that you'll find in the next few kilometres. Geolocated on the map the following will appear: hostels, pharmacies, healthcare centres, transport, police etc

Along the Camino we will similarly help you with: 

My Camino

Which facilitates:

  • Undertaking the stages according to your options or planning. You specify how far you want to walk every day and we provide you with the necessary information for that purpose.
  • By activating the app at the beginning of the day, all the experiences and memories that you garner will be recorded.
  • At each stage you can easily save, all your memories as a photograph or up to a 10 second long video. Whenever you wish you can view these photographs or video in your preferred format and share them on social networks.  
  • Any memory or experience (the exhilaration of a sunrise, the excitement of meeting friends, a unique monument etc.) with a simple click this will become a permanent memory of a one of a kind experience:  your Camino de Santiago (St. James' Way).
  • All this without potential loss, due to misplacing of or damage to the mobile telephone, given that all your memories will be recorded and saved in your private area of the Website. At the end of the day, whatever the number of kilometres walked, conclude your stage and everything will be saved.

Go to the Camino

If you have lost your way or gotten off track, whether you're in a remote hostel or hotel or have just arrived at a train or bus station which is not on the Camino, we'll tell you how to get back onto your Camino.

As simple as touching this button and we direct you to the nearest point of the Camino.

Incidences and complaints

Through the “Incidences” section of the website and app, we will launch a collaborative action which will help us to safeguard and look after the Camino, as well as to assist and protect you as a pilgrim.

Digital credentials

Very simple and a one of a kind document, with this credential you can collect all the stamps which you require. By using a simple photograph you can collect the Camino stamps, which will be automatically geolocated listed at your location in the credential. You can similarly save the credentials in digital format or print same as a souvenir.

Furthermore, you can't misplace it as the credential is saved in your private area of the Website and where you have your credentials and information available, at any given moment from the app.


A calendar which provides information as regards the major events of the Camino throughout the year.


Thanks to this section we'll keep you posted as regards the major news items which takes place on the Camino.


A button, which we hope that you don't have to use, allows you to quickly and easily access the emergency assistance service.

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