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Standards compatibility

This website has been designed and programmed following the directives of the initiatives WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative, www.w3.org/wai), that marks some international standards for the creation of web content that is accessible to everyone.

Accessibility guidelines

A number of measures have been taken to make the website more accessible, among these::

  • Logical order of the presentation of elements on the screen.
  • Simplified navigation system.
  • Descriptive text for images.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the main options.


The majority of links whose text does not completely describe their destination have title attributes providing clarification.

Where possible, links are written in such a way as to make sense in the absence of context. Some browsers (such as JAWS, Home Page Reader, Lynx and Opera) are able to extract a list of links from the current page and allow the user to browse from this list. Taking this into account, links are not duplicated and in such case that they are, they access the same content.

There are no JavaScript pseudo-links. All links can be followed by any browser, even if JavaScript is disabled.

Keyboard shortcuts

The majority of browsers support following specific links directly through the use of a combination of keys (keyboard shortcuts) defined within the website.

  • Internet Explorer: ALT +keyboard shortcuts+ENTER
  • Firefox: ALT + Mayúsculas + keyboard shortcuts
  • Opera: Mayúsculas + ESC + keyboard shortcuts


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